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Terms & Policy

Terms and Conditions are a mandatory affair that deals with the important requirements in terms of the usage of 123hpus.com's computer support services and the relationship you hold with them. Therefore, these Terms and Conditions needs a careful check and a read through, as it contains the most significant information and instructions pertaining to your rights and obligations for the 123hpus.com services.


The Agreement is a compilation of these Terms and Conditions, the accepted Plan Order submitted by you, the Service Use Policy (SUP) and the Privacy Policy. Together, these documents state the entire agreement between you and INR (The 'Agreement'). These Terms and Conditions are to be accepted in order to avail your eligibility to use the www.123hpus.com site or to avail any of our services.


Certain terms like the following are defined in these Terms and Conditions which are also used in the Privacy Policy and SUP and are used as references in these Terms and Conditions.

  • "123HP"
  • "123HP" is a service mark of 123HPUS pvt.ltd.
  • "YOU", this refers to you as an individual, or to any person, even the employer, on whose behalf you are acting upon.

"Services", refers to any service plan offered by 123hpus.com, by entering the specified service plan you require in the website / by dialling to our number. The use of the 123hpus.com site and the varied services and service plans offered by it are all governed by these Terms and Conditions. In case of any conflict, these Terms and Conditions control any Plan Order Form that you have submitted for requesting services from us (Service Plan).

Technicians and specialists who are certified by 123hpus.com to perform the Services under this Agreement are referred to as "IE TECHIE'S Certified Technician". Unless expressly specified, technicians do no hold any certifications from any third party.


Any webcasts, download areas, white papers, press releases, datasheets, FAQs, product information, quick reference guides or any other materials that are made available to download from the 123hpus.com site are the copyrighted works of 123hpus.com and/or of its suppliers as well. These are known as the Materials, whereas the design and layout of the 123hpus.com site or any other 123hpus.com owned, operated, licensed or controlled site does not come under the category of Materials.

"Software" is also a copyrighted computer program of any kind. The elements of Software are protected under trade secret, unfair competition and other laws also, while they are owned by 123hpus.com / by a third party. It can be delivered via download, CD or any other media and the delivering system may vary from client and/or network security software. No hyperlinks are to be created with any of these materials and software nor on any segment of the 123hpus.com's website.


123hpus.com accepts service orders both via calls and online requests. You will receive a confirmation email from 123hpus.com to your specified email address listed during the Registration Process, once your order is confirmed. However, 123hpus.com will not be responsible for rendering services in terms of any Plan Order if it is not accepted. Only after acceptance of a Plan Order by 123hpus.com, you will have a Service Plan.


123hpus.com will address your queries with appropriate solutions depending upon the Terms and Conditions specified under each Service Plan. In most cases, solutions offered by 123hpus.com will be via a telephone call / through email/chat or through any means that seems appropriate at that particular point of time. All the undertakings made by 123hpus.com under the Service Plan are all subjected to their Limited Warranty period. For further details on this aspect, call us at 1 888 249 8496 or refer to our online documentation.

In order to avail the offers offered by 123hpus.com, you need to finish the payment process which involves Services Fee or any other applicable fee which are relevant to your Plan Order. Any payment made for any Service Plan under 123hpus.com will be collected by 123hpus.com and has no obligation to render the prescribed services if the payment is not made.


123hpus.com works on its Money Back Policy where the money paid by you will be returned to you within the stipulated time if you are not satisfied with the service, even after we make every effort to resolve the issue. The Money back policy are as follows:

The Money Back Guarantee is valid for 30 days for our subscription-based plan, starting from the beginning of the time of purchase. In case of more than one resolved issue, there will be no refund of fees for the Subscription Service. When 123hpus.com does not withstand this, they may, at its sole discretion and on a case by case basis, will decide to refund the Subscription fees only after deducting the respective charges for servicing the Customer. However, the Money Back Guarantee is valid only for 7 days in terms of Incidental (one-time-use) plans, while this guarantee is not applicable for our Trail Offer.


123hpus.com offers services under any Plan Order, only when the respective payment is made. In the absence of such payment, there will be no services offered to you from 123hpus.com. However, being the Guest for 123hpus.com, you have the license to use the 123hpus.com website and Materials as designated to guests in the 123hpus.com website. These are only for limited purposes such as:

  • you can decide whether or not to subscribe to the Services provided by 123hpus.com and
  • registering and submitting Plan Orders only, with 123hpus.com. The foregoing license grant is a non-exclusive revocable license.

According to 123hpus.com services, materials and software, you can use them for your personal 0and commercial purposes covered under your Service Plan, unless and until it is specified and till the Service Plan is valid. You need not modify copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, licence, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, software, products or services derived from the Services, Materials or Software.

Though you have the liberty to put our Services, Materials and Software to use, you cannot use them for any unlawful or prohibited purposes as categorised by the SERVICE USE POLICY (SUP) / the Terms and Conditions under which this SUP is only a part. These cannot be used for any purpose which will cause damage / disable / overburden / impair any 123hpus.com server / the network(s) connected to 123hpus.com / interfere with any third party's use of any of the 123hpus.com Portal. Gaining access to any unauthorized 123hpus.com Portal is also to be avoided. You will obtain Services, Materials and Software only by the already prescribed means in your Plan Order.


123hpus.com places no limits on the amount of support requests placed by a Subscription based Plan user during the subscription period, but this technique is subjected to 123hpus.com 'fair use' policy. In case the user tends to use the services provided for their own individual use, then 123hpus.com has all the rights to suspend or terminate Subscriber's Subscription Services. 123hpus.com, in addition to the previously quoted reason, also has the right to suspend or terminate any Subscription Services of any Subscriber if, in its sole discretion determines that their Subscription services are used fraudulently / by any other person other than the Subscriber / from any computer other than the registered one. The termination process can happen any time by giving a written or an electronic notice to RTECHIE, with no refund amount to the user.


Communication Services has to be used only for those uses which are quoted under the accepted Plan Order and not for any other purpose and these services should be used only to post, send and receive messages and material which are proper and when applicable, related to the particular Communication Service. However, the Communication Services should not be used whenever you are using the service in connection with surveys, contests / junk email and so on or while any violation of the legal rights of others takes place or in any public post, or in any indecent / unlawful topic or while uploading files that contain images, photographs or other material protected by intellectual property or copyrights and the like. Even while uploading files with virus / any other similar function which will harm other's computer / any property these Communication services are not to be used. In addition, these services should not be used whenever any proprietary rights notices are deleted or falsifies and the like happens. The respective Code of Conduct has to be followed and the legal laws and terms and conditions like no creation of any false identity or account or no trying to gather information about others, all these should also be accepted in practice.

Communication Services' materials are subjected to post limitations and you will have to deal with such restrictions when you download the materials.


Apart from obtaining Services from 123hpus.com, you will have to agree that you will:

  1. Stay connected and coordinated with the 123hpus.com Engineer, for if you do so, most of the issues can be corrected. Therefore, listen carefully to the engineer and follow his instructions. In addition, you need to confirm that the following conditions are not false but true:
    1. Questions arising from the respective situations are reproducible on a single system that consists of one CPU with its workstations and other peripherals;
    2. You must be well-informed and equipped with the hardware and any software involved and also on the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident;
    3. During any telephone discussions with the 123hpus.com support personnel, the full system including both the software and hardware are available to you and are accessible by you without any limit.

123hpus.com shall not, under any circumstance, take up the responsibility for any of the lost or corrupted software or data. Therefore, it is mandatory and highly recommended for you to understand this and maintain a complete data backup and disaster recovery plan all the time.


You are expected to complete the Registration Process by providing us your current, complete and accurate information as required under the applicable Registration Form. This has to be done for you to submit a Plan Order. You are also expected to choose your Username and Password, for which you are solely responsible and for anything that happens to your account and under it as well. In case of any unauthorised access/ use of your account / any other breach of security, you need to agree to notify 123hpus.com immediately. In case someone else has used your account's username and password, with or without your knowledge, 123hpus.com will not be liable for the losses, in fact, you will be held liable for losses incurred by 123hpus.com or others due to this impeach of your account. Without the permission of the account holder, you cannot use their account.


Though 'Services' has a wide range of activities covered, it still does not include the following:

  1. Any activity or item that doesn't submit by the terms of the Plan Order;
  2. Services beyond the time limit stated in your Plan Order;
  3. Any problem diagnosis and support failure due to a problem with your computer or other equipment, or when their configuration goes beyond our control;
  4. Software added to both the operating software and to the registered hardware products which are out of scope for the Service Plan;
  5. The problems which may or will arise from:
    1. Accidents, abuse, misuse, problems with electrical power or any other external causes.
    2. Usage overruling the product instructions provided by the manufacturer or failing to perform preventive maintenance;
    3. Usage of accessories / parts / components which are not compatible with the product;
    4. Non-compliance with the 123hpus.com engineer instructions for resolving the query.

In addition to the Services offered by 123hpus.com to you, we may also provide certain software which are owned either by us or by its third-party licensors and suppliers. You need to agree to cooperate with us, as our third-party licensors and we, have the right to update or change the Software from time to time and your coordination is very much essential to install any of those updates for your use. The Software can be used only as a part of, or for use with, the Services quoted in the Service Plan and for no other purposes. It is also mandatory for you to agree to the terms and conditions of the EULA first, so that you get access to install or use any Software accompanied or included in EULA. The Software may be accompanied by a EULA from 123hpus.com or a third party and your use of such software are governed by the terms and conditions of both the license agreement and this Agreement.


123hpus.com may or may not suggest a few third-party services to you, as part of the Services. In case you choose to subscribe to any of those third-party services, your use of such services will be subjected to the terms of service provided by the respective third-party service provider. The thirdparty provider, is however, the sole responsibility for the delivery of their service(s) to you and your use to them and therefore, you need to agree to the third party's terms of service. These third-party services are not limited in providing technical support, website, training, music, gaming and storage services that we, 123hpus.com may elect to make them available from time to time. In case you tend to violate any of the third party's terms of service then from 123hpus.com's sole discretion, your account will be terminated and will be put out of use. However, in no case will 123hpus.com or its coordinating suppliers be liable to any damage or loss incurred on your Services/ Materials.


123hpus.com, under no circumstance, shall be liable to you, even in case of excess of amount paid by you to 123hpus.com under the Plan Order. You also have a limitation on your actions which states that you need to act within one year after the cause of action arose, else the entire action shall be forever barred and waived.


123hpus.com has the sole discretion to either terminate or suspend your Service immediately without any prior notice if you follow the following aspects:

  1. a. If any of the Terms and Conditions (including but not limited to all the policies regarding abuse and acceptable use of Service) or any license for the Third-Party Software are breached;
  2. When your use of the Service adversely affects or causes a malfunction to the Service / 123hpus.com's network / the use of 123hpus.com's other users or when your Services are prohibited by law;
  3. If 123hpus.com receives a court order to terminate the Service you are using;
  4. If, for any reason, 123hpus.com ceases to offer the Service;
  5. If you are no longer a customer in 123hpus.com, or
  6. If you are determined by 123hpus.com for abusing the Service.

123hpus.com, in its sole discretion, can also refuse to accept your Service request, renewal / resubscription followed by a termination or suspension for your use of Service.


When the Terms of Service contains some invalid or unenforceable provisions, that portion shall be put into action / enforced to its maximum extent possible while all the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect. If in case, 123hpus.com fails to enforce any provision of the Terms of Service, it shall not be deemed a waiver of such provisions nor have the right to enforce such provision. Apart from these, though 123hpus.com is known internationally, it shall also contain references to our products, services and programs which are not available in a viewer's country.


The rights and obligations of the parties under this Agreement along with this Agreement and any other disputes that will arise out of or in connection with this Agreement will be governed in all respects by the Indian and United States of America's laws without regard to conflicts of principle laws that would require the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction.

In case the user has queries about the Privacy Policy at our Web site, you can email to support@123hpus.com service provider for software and hardware related issues in any mode of computer / smartphones/ devices and peripherals. We are well-versed in having wide-varieties of Thirdparty company products for which we disclaim any ownership, right, affiliation or endorsement unless such relationships are expressly specified. For the relevant warranties and other information about the products, please contact the respective Third-parties.